Friday, 4 January 2013

A slightly late Happy New Year anda High Elf

Well first not having posted for such a long time meant I've missed a few things, The blogs first birthday which is a bit of a shame, Christmas and New Year but actual hobbying has not been slack. As proof here is the champion for my phoenix guard finished nearly a month ago, whilst some of the gems are a bit sloppy and the osl is pretty terrible due to lack of practise and appropriate paint but I think the gold, the helm especially are a huge improvement.

Anyway, moving on to what I want to get done during the next year:
  • First I want to get this unit of ten done before the rumoured High Elf book, which I know isn't a lot but since the techniques involved are still so new they take a while
  • Secondly I want to make considerable progress on my new Imperial Guard army, but I have a whole post written about this coming up later this week.
  • Paint more, after this year I just felt I didn't get to paint as much as I would've liked and with the new airbrush I just think this really shouldn't be the case, so to try and help me achieve this I'll keep count of what I get done.
  • Finally I want to post more, this year I posted just over 50 times which is about once a week but most of those came early in the year and the last third was pretty slow.
Finally, a bit of house cleaning, I plan to try and sell a few things this year so I thought to put them up here first and if any ones interested you can contact me at w.hpaintingstudios(at)
  • 5th edition Warhammer 40k hardback rulebook as new
  • The Goblins from the old battle for skull pass
  • The Skaven from the Island of battle minus the warlord
  • A brand new and unbuilt rhino