Painting Services

Our pricing is sorted into different levels that all produce very different results, so if you have any questions, are interested in a commission or want something that is not listed here feel free to email me at

Quick and Dirty
This is for when you want your miniatures painted with minimal fuss and cost. This is normally a base coat, a wash and a highlight.
  • 10 20 mm round base = $15
  • 5 40 mm round base = $15
  • Heroes, war machines, monsters and chariots = $5
  • 20 mm square base = $ 20
  • 25 mm square base = $ 25
  • 5 rectangular cavalry base = $15
  • Tank = $10
Example of a "Quick and Dirty" colour scheme.

Table Top Standard
Table Top standard provides a good tabletop standard, that whilst not the ultimate level it produces something that looks really good and can be produced on a wide scale. It consists of a base coat, a shade and a few highlights and can include basic freehand designs.
  • 10 20 mm round base = $25
  • 5 40 mm round base = $25
  • Heroes, war machines, monsters, chariots = $15
  • 20 20 mm square base = $ 30
  • 20 25 mm square base = $ 35
  • 5 rectangular cavalry base = $25
  • Tank = $25

Hero Level
This is the highest level we offer, for it we go all out to make a really great looking model. This takes considerably longer to achieve than the other options and is mainly intended for center piece units, models and heroes. As for prices these are worked out project by project depending on numbers so for pricing send us an email and I can sort it out with you. But an infantry figure will range from approximately $5 up to $20 for a highly detailed character.

    Shipping is organised with no surcharge, we make no profit of it. We ensure a high quality of shipping but try and keep the price as affordable as possible. On the completion of the commission we will email you to tell you upon which you will have 30 days to complete the purchase of our product. If you fail to do so the models will become the property of W.H. studio to use at our discretion.

    Payment is usually made in two instalments, fifty percent up front, less for larger purchases with the rest within thirty days of completion.The only instance where this does not apply is where we buy models for you, in this case the cost of the models are paid for up front and then the rest of the commission's cost on completion. That is, the cost for the painting and postage are paid on completion. All prices are in Australian dollars.