Sunday, 18 December 2011

Secret project and not so secret christmas stuff

Must apologise for severe lack of posts as have been busy painting a model for a painting competition [grrrr. I hate deadlines] will post pictures soon. Otherwise I have been simply touching up my Gondor army from a couple of years ago, and I guess not surprisingly my painting has come a long way so that leaves me with a lot of boring work and nothing really to post. So sorry once again hopefully with Christmas there is something more interesting to post.

Monday, 12 December 2011

1000 point Armoured Spearhead

I wrote this list as a basis for a space marine army I'm hoping to start soon. The theme is one of armoured spearhead, I want the list to be competitive whilst sticking to the theme so comments, critisicm and general tips are certainly welcome!

Librarian                100

Stern guard             165
5 men, razorback

Tactical squad        220

10 men, flamer, power weapon, melta, rhino

Tactical squad        170
10 men, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter

Tactical Squad        175
5 Men, Melta , Razorback with twin linked Las cannons

Predator                  85
Heavy Bolter sponsoons

Predator                  85
Heavy Bolter sponsoons

B.T.W it should be noted that this list is based entirely on mathshammer and is my first go at writing a space marine list. And just to avoid confusion in the future they will be modelled as Black Templars [ because I think they look cool ] but they will be played as a normal chapter from the main space mairne codex

How to Paint Night Goblins

Because I'm a bit obsessed with Goblins at the moment I thought I would do a Tutorial on how to paint them, so here goes. I do the three main parts stage by stage at the same time and then I finish all the little details seperately.

  • Base coat with Chaos Black
  • Layer with a mix of Chaos Black and Codex Grey 1:1
  • Wash heavily with Badab black
  • Edge high light with Codex Grey
2. Hood
  • Base coat with Denheb stone
  • Wash with Devlan Mud wash
  • Layer with Commando Kakhi
  • Edge High light with Bleached Bone
3. Skin
  • Base coat with Knarloc Green
  • Wahs heabily with Thraka Green
  • Layer with Goblin Green
  • Wash the nose with Baal Red
  • Edge high light the skin with a mix of Goblin Green, Golden Yellow and Bleached Bone 1:1:1
Other Details

Red eg. Spear Shafts, bows
  • Base coat Scab Red
  • Layer Blood Red
  • High light Blazing Orange
  • High light Vermin Brown
Brown eg. Leather
  • Base coat Scorched Brown
  • Layer Bestial Brown
  • Wash Devlan Mud
  • High light Snakebite leather

So it ends up looking like this when I have basecoated the three important parts.

  And then once I've added all the details and finished the washes and highlights it looks like this.

Note : I usually just dot the eyes scab red and the teeth with denheb stone.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Completed Goblins

Didn't get as much stuff as I wanted done unfortunately, things popped up but heres what I've completed this weekend.

I'm pretty pleased with how the spider riders turned out but the spiders were a bit boring to paint.

I also finished 10 Night Goblins, Yay only another 50 to go. I've dubbed them the kreme kaps.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Orks W.I.P., Of many sorts

I have had alot of free time in the lately but so many projects. I've been flitting from one to the other so I haven't really achieved much but to have a number of base coated models. However I'm planning to knuckle down and finnish them this weekend.

This is agroup of night goblins I'm working on at the moment. I won a prepainted army of them a couple of years ago and now that I have the time I'm painting them up to a high standard to sell the army off on ebay.

Here is a before and after shot of a group of spider riders. Slow progress on this but it has definitely speeded up since I removed their bases.

And this has been what has occupying most of my time lately, an ork nob. I basescoated the skin with knarloc green and then washed it before reapplying whilst avoiding the cracks. Whilst it would be easier to basecoat in Orkhide shade I have much more control with the tone of the model by applying the wash myself. This is especially useful for the face where I can make it warmer or cooler to distinguish it from the rest of the model.

I'm planning to start working on a dwark lord soon as well as finish off my squad of harlequins for my eldar army so it's shaping up to be a busy weekend.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Welcome to my new blog about war gaming, specifcilly painting and playing. For the foreseeable it will mostly feature Games Workshop models. Over the next few days I will fill you in on what I do so you can expect some picture heavy posts. So without further ado, welcome to my blog.

So this is my farseer for my Saim Hann army, it's rather guardian heavy and features a number of war walkers.         

Above is a picture of two of my Harlequins, unfortunately I don't get to use them very often as they are very fragile and so aren't really a viable option in the games I play

And this is a couple of shots of my High Elf Prince on Griffon painted in a some what controversial, in my local area at least colour scheme.