Thursday, 26 April 2012

High Elf Archers

I have quite a back log of stuff to post from the past few weeks so I thought I would break it up into smaller chunks. A good idea since I have exams coming up so hobby time will probably be cut down severely unfortunately.

Anyway as soon as I tried to knuckle down and concentrate on the dragon prices I took up a challenge to paint 500 points in three weeks, currently I'm a bit behind and I don't have high hopes for catching up but it does mean that I've been able to move through the archers quickly. So here are pictures of the first batch, enjoy.

 One thing that I did learn though is with the new shades, you have to shake them really well before hand and you cant water them down, because other wise you will end up with a gloss finish.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Progress has been slow the past few days because I been trying to put a lot of effort into these models. That's because last time I painted them I rushed the job and they looked horrid. Anyway I went for a dark red scheme because I thought part of the problem before was that I had too much silver and as well as the fact I don't have very much blue paint I don't think it works as well with the existing colour scheme. So far I've only done these horses but the rest are built and under coated. As usual you can click the image for a larger picture and C & C welcome.

Personally I think it's a testament to the kit that the models can suffer two undercoat sprays, and two paint jobs while keeping stunning detail. Whats more it was only recently that I started to make an effort to really thin my paints. In other news I just bought a box of archers and I am in the process of undercoating them for the pain station, so be prepared for them to appear in the next few weeks [or possibly months if I actually finished the units I've already started, but I think that's unlikely].

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Pheonix Guard

Been able to get lots of painting done, I was able to finish a rank of Phoenix guard today. I'm moving on to some dragon princes and then I'll finish this unit. As always click for a bigger picture and comments and criticism welcome.

In other news, I received Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Volume 1 today in the mail so stay tuned for a review in the near future.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Lotheren Sea Guard

Hope you've had a good Easter break, with the spare time I had I managed to finished another Sea Guard today, as well as getting some work done on a fantasy troll. Not exactly sure what I'll use him for yet, either storm of magic or eBay, I'll guess time will tell. Any way invested a bit of time into the camera today and the pictures were a lot better, and whats more I know why now so it's looking good for the future.

I'm hoping to use the elves in a game on Wednesday, it'll only be a 1000 points but I don't get a chance to play very often so I'm looking forward to it.

The troll is only in very early W.I.P. stages with a maximum of a couple of layers on a part.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lotheren Sea Guard

Before finishing the command group for the spear men, I turned my attention to the sea guard. I only did one model because I was limited by time but I'm happy with how it turned out. The weather wasn't good for taking photos though so it looks a lot better in real life. On another note, in response to a number of queries to my dwarf army for sale, I was looking for a total of $60 with postage anywhere in the world for free. remember that its combined value is around $200 for the models alone. It's painted so you can pick it up and play with it straight away. If you're interested email me at before  put it up on eBay. any way here are the pics. Comments and Criticism welcome.