Monday, 12 December 2011

How to Paint Night Goblins

Because I'm a bit obsessed with Goblins at the moment I thought I would do a Tutorial on how to paint them, so here goes. I do the three main parts stage by stage at the same time and then I finish all the little details seperately.

  • Base coat with Chaos Black
  • Layer with a mix of Chaos Black and Codex Grey 1:1
  • Wash heavily with Badab black
  • Edge high light with Codex Grey
2. Hood
  • Base coat with Denheb stone
  • Wash with Devlan Mud wash
  • Layer with Commando Kakhi
  • Edge High light with Bleached Bone
3. Skin
  • Base coat with Knarloc Green
  • Wahs heabily with Thraka Green
  • Layer with Goblin Green
  • Wash the nose with Baal Red
  • Edge high light the skin with a mix of Goblin Green, Golden Yellow and Bleached Bone 1:1:1
Other Details

Red eg. Spear Shafts, bows
  • Base coat Scab Red
  • Layer Blood Red
  • High light Blazing Orange
  • High light Vermin Brown
Brown eg. Leather
  • Base coat Scorched Brown
  • Layer Bestial Brown
  • Wash Devlan Mud
  • High light Snakebite leather

So it ends up looking like this when I have basecoated the three important parts.

  And then once I've added all the details and finished the washes and highlights it looks like this.

Note : I usually just dot the eyes scab red and the teeth with denheb stone.

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