Monday, 12 December 2011

1000 point Armoured Spearhead

I wrote this list as a basis for a space marine army I'm hoping to start soon. The theme is one of armoured spearhead, I want the list to be competitive whilst sticking to the theme so comments, critisicm and general tips are certainly welcome!

Librarian                100

Stern guard             165
5 men, razorback

Tactical squad        220

10 men, flamer, power weapon, melta, rhino

Tactical squad        170
10 men, Missile Launcher, Heavy Bolter

Tactical Squad        175
5 Men, Melta , Razorback with twin linked Las cannons

Predator                  85
Heavy Bolter sponsoons

Predator                  85
Heavy Bolter sponsoons

B.T.W it should be noted that this list is based entirely on mathshammer and is my first go at writing a space marine list. And just to avoid confusion in the future they will be modelled as Black Templars [ because I think they look cool ] but they will be played as a normal chapter from the main space mairne codex

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