Saturday, 3 March 2012

Finished War Walker and High Elves

So as I said last time the reason for a severe lack of posts was among a number of things working on too many projects at once. But through a great length of time mostly I managed to get the War Walker finished. I did have more pictures of it but the camera after running out of battery decided to misbehave even more so I'm left with 2. Click on pictures for a larger image and comments and criticism welcome as normal.

I usually run in a pair as shown because at 50 points each scout, a scatter laser and a shruiken cannon that's a lot of very manoeuvrable firepower at a very reasonable price tag. Even though they are only toughness 10 in the admittedly few games I have played with them they have survived quite well whilst always making up at least double their points back.

One of the other projects I've been working on is my high elf spear men. Even though they were already painted I've basically repainted them as before they looked quite boring and without any technical skill. I've kept to the same colour scheme and because my skills have improved it still takes me the same amount of time to paint them even though I'm doing three times as much.

I did have pictures of all five but once again the camera had the final say and so only these two will be posted in the meantime.


  1. I really like the purple on the High Elf there. Purple and gold always look good together too.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks, I'm really glad you like it as it was a bit of a controversial colour scheme at my local store as many saw it as too close to the colour scheme of the dark .

  3. Here's a tip for your High Elf: try to create more contrast in the various metals by using a technique to blackline those bits. For instance: the gold emblem on the helmet seem to blend into the silver of the helmet itself. Create a really thin wash of Chaos Black, and put some along the borders of that emblem.
    Do the same with the chain links of the armour: make each individual link stand out from eachother by applying a really dark wash (so: not Badab Black!). You may need to highlight the links after washing. A very light drybrush should do the trick, or for more work, paint each individual link.
    For these purposes I often find that Badab Black is not dark and ' heavy' enough to do the job, and rather make my own wash with Chaos Black.
    Happy painting!

  4. Thanks Dims, the contrast is stronger in real life but I will try your tip in the next batch of spearmen that I do.