Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gondor W.I.P, Free Angron model and some terrain

So whilst I haven't finished much in the past few days I have got a lot done. Firstly I've been starting work on repainting my Gondor army for War of the Ring. So far I'm about half of the way through stripping all the models (so tedious, all the scrubbing) and I've started the painting for my first company of archers. To paint them I've base coated with Vallejo version of mithril silver through my air brush after undercoating them with vallejo's undercoat black.

I've also been putting heaps of effort into planning my entry for Armies on Parade next year, if I can pull off what I have in mind it will be totally mind blowingly awesome! (no understatement, seriously, hopefully my painting doesn't let me down) Anyway to warm up my scenery skills so that the board itself looks good I tried my hand at building a shipping container in the past two afternoons, and for a first prototype built off the top of my head I think it looks really good.

I'm planning to paint it up navy blue, with plenty of rust and a stencilled on serial number and Aquila. Scale wise it's pretty much exactly right when compared to real life standard containers, not really important but it does ensure it looks about right when put next to models on the table.

And finally what your all still reading for, how you can win a signed copy of forge world's new Angron model. It's simple really masterminis.net after their recent success with their Games Day coverage are giving away a signed copy of the model in its case, all you have to do is join. For more information follow this link to their post explaining it all.

Picture from Forge World

In addition you really should check out all their other stuff, they have some great tutorials and do your self a huge favour and go through their Picassa albums with all the Games Day pictures there's some truly great stuff in there.

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