Monday, 16 January 2012


Just from back from holidays so haven't been able to get much done with commissions and lack of time but I have been able to finish three guardians [excluding the bases.] in my spare time. I painted them mostly with Vallejo game colour with results that I'm really happy with. I'm especially happy with them with the rumours of a change in citadel paints. Over all they were less than half the price including shipping of citadel paints and have a better bottle design and more paint. The only disadvantages would be the inconvenience but that was minor I only had to wait ten days and I'm in Australia so that's pretty good and that they seem to be a bit softer so they scratch easily, which isn't a problem with a quick spray of varnish.. Any way I thoroughly recommend them and here is a picture of the results.

As a side note I've also posted a imperial guardsmen tutorial on the tutorial page.

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