Wednesday, 27 June 2012

W.I.P. and Eldar List Building

So this is actually my painting station as it stood on sunday, I've now actually finished the horse and rider so I'll post finished pictures of that tomorrow not much to say besides that but the unit is nearly done only the standard bearer to go now.

After reading an interesting article on 3++ I was inspired to write up an army list to use with my grwoing eldar force instead of showing some pictures of a hlaf finished face (halbarad). Essentially the article was explaining the benefits of using very simmilar lists initially to help you identify trends and useful units in the new addition. Now the article didnt apply to me completley as im only planninng to play in a non competitive envviroment but I would still value any imput especially if you think theres any areas of the game the army will really struggle with.

Farseer                                                 95
Doom, runes of warding

8 fire dragons                                      258
Exarch with fire pike, wave serpant with twinlinked shruiken cannons, underslung shruiken cannon

8 fire dragons                                       250
Exarch, wave serpant with twinlinked shruiken cannons, underslung shruiken cannon

10 Dire Avengers                                 287
Exarch with 2 catapults, bladestorm, wave serpant with twinlinked bright lance, underlsung shruiken cannon

6 Dire avengers                                     72

 6 Guardina Jetbikes                            152
2 shruiken cannons

5 Rangers                                              95

Falcon                                                      180
Bright lance, holo fields

2 Warwalkers                                          110
2 Shruiken cannons, 2 eldar missile launchers

Total 1499

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